Internet of Things

From connected fridges to connected cars, the Internet of Things, or the IoT, is all about connectivity - linking “smart” objects to the internet and to each other, and turning data gathered by sensors into actionable intelligence. The IoT holds tremendous promise to infuse trillions of dollars into the economy over the next decade and transform and improve our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Yet with this rapid expansion of new technologies comes complex legal and policy challenges. To help its clients thrive in the IoT landscape, Wilkinson Barker Knauer has created an interdisciplinary team of experts from a wide range of practice areas. Our key areas of expertise lie at the heart of the IoT:

  • Regulatory Policy/Advocacy: Our attorneys have advocated before the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration and other agencies on issues that impact the evolution of the IoT, including spectrum availability, interoperability, privacy, cybersecurity, and cross-border data flows. We seek not only to help companies operate within applicable regulatory frameworks, but also to help them shape those frameworks as they are developed.
  • Regulatory Compliance/Equipment Authorization: Devices that connect to the Internet via licensed or unlicensed spectrum must comply with the FCC’s equipment authorization rules. We provide guidance to some of the most innovative and successful technology companies in the world on the FCC’s equipment authorization process and on compliance with technical and labeling requirements, as well as marketing and importation restrictions imposed on devices subject to the equipment authorization process.
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity: Our team has helped some of the nation’s preeminent communications and technology companies, financial institutions, and other businesses develop business models, policies, and practices that comply with a complex set of privacy and data security laws. We also combine our legal expertise with deep insights into the agencies shaping the regulatory and enforcement environment to help clients establish forward-looking privacy and data security programs that address risks at all stages of product development.
  • Technology Transactions/Licensing: Our corporate attorneys assist clients at all stages of a transaction, from due diligence to closing, combining their transaction experience with subject matter expertise. We also have experience negotiating technology license agreements, SaaS and hosting agreements, and software licensing and information technology agreements.

From drafting “privacy by design” practices and procedures to navigating the FCC’s equipment authorization process to advocating what regulatory frameworks should apply to all of it, we offer a holistic approach to addressing our clients’ business and legal needs.