Privacy, Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Few areas of legal compliance and strategic policy positioning are more demanding, dynamic and challenging than the protection of sensitive data and network infrastructure. Businesses in all sectors of the economy currently are subject to privacy laws, regulations, and enforcement precedents that affect the collection, disclosure, use, and protection of personal and corporate information – and these requirements are growing at an explosive pace. Similarly, attacks on America’s cyber networks and customers’ personal information held by businesses have become a serious security threat, leading to substantial interest by government regulators and law enforcement agencies in maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity.

The privacy attorneys at Wilkinson Barker Knauer have significant experience guiding clients in various industries to manage personal information lawfully, regardless of the sectors in which those clients operate or the purposes for which they collect and use information. Our attorneys have helped some of the nation’s preeminent communications and technology companies, innovative technology upstarts, and other businesses develop privacy-compliant business models, policies, and practices. We also assist clients in establishing broad, forward-looking “privacy by design” practices and procedures. The firm’s expertise includes counseling regarding the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

Beyond data security and privacy, the firm’s cybersecurity attorneys also provide advice and advocacy to clients navigating the complex terrain at the intersection of technology and national security. With experience in a wide variety of national security and cybersecurity leadership roles in various regulatory agencies and also in the national security and intelligence communities, in the Executive Branch, and on Capitol Hill, the firm focuses in particular on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of government-industry collaboration to address criminal and national security threats.  

 In the policy arena, Wilkinson Barker has been a leader in advising clients on proposed federal and state legislation, as well as representing clients in rulemakings and information-gathering proceedings before various agencies, including the FTC, FCC, and Department of Commerce. Our attorneys follow privacy and cybersecurity developments at multiple federal and state agencies. Wilkinson Barker attorneys also have represented clients in privacy-related litigation, transactions, and enforcement proceedings.