State Regulation

Wilkinson Barker Knauer’s attorneys regularly represent energy and telecommunications clients before various state public utility commissions (PUCs). Our state regulation practice is led by Ray Gifford, a former Chair of the Colorado PUC, giving our clients the ability to see issues through the regulator’s lens.

Energy and Utilities. Wilkinson Barker Knauer also has substantial experience representing natural gas and electric utility sector clients. We have assisted clients in nearly every type of regulated proceeding, including certificates of public convenience and necessity, mergers and acquisitions, resource planning dockets, proceedings relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements, cost-of-service dockets, “fuel-switching” dockets, transmission siting and planning, power purchase agreements, grid modernization and home energy management proceedings, and agency investigations and rulemakings. Our attorneys are actively involved in current regulatory controversies involving power plant retirements and fuel conversions throughout the nation. We also have represented clients on transportation and water matters before state PUCs.

Telecommunications. We have represented clients in state regulatory proceedings to obtain operating authority, transfer operating authority, and relinquish operating authority, as well as proceedings related to the transfer, sale or encumbrance of utility assets. We also have experience with proceedings relating to Eligible Telecommunications Carrier designations and obligations, state and federal high cost funds, lifeline and link-up support mechanisms, E911 issues, interconnection arbitrations, intercarrier compensation disputes, cost of service rate proceedings, right-of-way issues, and regulatory compliance and service quality issues (both for wholesale and retail service). The assistance our state regulatory team provides clients ranges from counseling on these issues to representing them in contested proceedings, including full evidentiary hearings before PUCs. In addition, firm attorneys have appeared as experts and provided expert testimony in proceedings before various state PUCs.