Unmanned Aircraft/Drones (UAS)

Whether referred to as unmanned aircraft systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones (collectively “UAS”), explosive growth is expected for this industry over the next few years. Potential UAS applications are virtually limitless – aerial inspections, cargo delivery, filmmaking, newsgathering, photography, hobbyist use, etc. Wilkinson Barker Knauer uniquely understands this market and is well situated to help clients thrive in this evolving marketplace.

Our team of attorneys is focused on assisting broadcasters, small operators, trade associations, and communication/technology companies navigate UAS issues emerging at the federal, state, and local levels. We have assisted clients on a wide variety of issues, such as obtaining authority from the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) to utilize UAS commercially, advocating for business- and consumer-friendly UAS regulations at the Federal, state, and local levels, opposing state and local proposals to criminalize certain UAS activities, and formulating compliance plans for UAS operations. We are actively involved in on-going FAA proceedings, as well as many local proceedings, involving UAS regulation.